• Cohort, name
    Children's Health and the Environment in the Faroes - Cohort 3

    Cohort, abbreviation
    CHEF 3

    Cohort, country
    Faroe Islands

    Cohort, website

    Key reference
    Weihe P, Steuerwald U, Taheri S, Faeroe O, Veyhe AS, Nicolajsen D. Chapter 6: The Human Health programme in the Faroe Islands 1985-2001. In: B. Deutch and J.C. Hansen (Eds). Amap Greenland and the Faroe Islands 1997-2001. Vol. 1: Human Health. Ministry of Environment, Denmark. 2003.

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  • Principal investigator(s), name
    Philippe Grandjean ; Pál Weihe

    Principal investigator(s), e-mail address
    PGrandjean@health.sdu.dk ; pal@health.fo

    Principal investigator(s), institution
    Institute of Public Health ; The Faroes Hospital System

    Contact person(s), name
    Maria Skaalum Petersen

    Contact person(s), e-mail address

    Contact person(s), institution address
    Institute of Public Health ; The Faroes Hospital System