• Cohort, name
    Human Fertility at Risk from Biopersistent Organochlorines in the Environments

    Cohort, country
    Sweden (Sverige)

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    Key reference
    Toft G, Axmon A, Giwercman A, Thulstrup AM, Rignell-Hydbom A, Pedersen HS, Ludwicki JK, Zvyezday V, Zinchuk A, Spano M, Manicardi GC, Bonefeld-Jørgensen EC, Hagmar L, Bonde JP; INUENDO. Fertility in four regions spanning large contrasts in serum levels of widespread persistent organochlorines: a cross-sectional study. Environ Health. 2005 Nov 9;4:26.

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    Jens Peter Bonde

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    Jens Peter Bonde; Gunnar Toft

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    jpb@bbh.regionh.dk; gunntoft@rm.dk